Join our call for the Electricity Authority to publish disconnection data

It’s the Electricity Authority’s job to monitor the electricity sector so they can look out for domestic consumers. One basic part of monitoring is to publish data so that everyone understands important trends.

We need to understand how many households are getting disconnected because they can’t afford electricity. But - the Authority has not proactively published data about disconnections for non-payment since 1 March 2022!

What’s more, they have NEVER published data about disconnections of households using prepay electricity. That means we do not know how many families in Aotearoa are sitting in the dark because they can’t afford to top up.

We think collecting and publishing quarterly disconnection data is one of the most basic monitoring functions they could do.

Join our call for the Electricity Authority to publish disconnection data, including about prepay disconnections. Sign our petition here. You could also email them today and ask when they will publish disconnection data, so we can all work together to get these numbers down.